Floyd Mayweather Drops Off Forbes' List
Floyd Mayweather Drops Off Forbes' List, Lionel Messi Takes Top Spot

From the fist position to not even listed. Floyd Mayweather is NOT one of Forbes' highest-paid athletes of 2019 after taking the top honors one year ago.

The business magazine released its list of the richest sport players of the year, and surprisingly, the boxing superstar nicknamed "Money" is not on it.

The top 5 spots belong to soccer players Lionel Messi ($127 million), Cristiano Ronaldo ($109 million) and Neymar ($105 million), mexican boxer Canelo Alvarez ($94 million) and tennis player Roger Federer($93.4 million).

This ain't good news for the "Money", considering that he made more than double what Messi made this year in 2018 ($285 million) thanks to the McGregor fight. Connor McGregor made the list at #21 with $47 million earned (last year he was #4 with $99 million).

As for cash made straight off endorsements, Lebron King James is not at the top, it's Roger Federer, with $86 million made off the tennis court.

The youngest player on the list is 20-year-old French soccer star Kylian Mbappe with $30.6 million.

Who should be the richiest baller?


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